sos erchitos
Sos Erchitos are one of our magical creatures, a little less known but very disturbing. They are people who are guilty of atrocious crimes and, for some reason, have managed to escape the human justice and therefore are incurred in a superhuman punishment. These men, since only humans male can become Erchitos, […]

Sos Erchitos – Magical Creatures in Sardinia

mask's tour
During the Tour of Masks we will also learn about the carnival masks of Orotelli. The carnival of Orotelli, along with that one of Mamoiada and the one of Ottana, is one of the most beautiful and felt Carnival events in Sardinia. The traditional mask is called Sos Thurpos which means […]

Sos Thurpos e S’Eritaju – Mask’s Tour

Boe mask: Ottana tipical mask. The figure of Boe is characterized by a mask with the features of a ox. Moreover it wears a white sheep skin and a cluster of cowbells.
  Discover who Mamuthones and Boes are and what kind of relationship they have with Issohadores and Merdules. Prepare to be amazed by the skill of the craftsmen, who in front of your eyes will realize a mask. Reach Mamoiada to discover the Sardinian masks and the rest of the […]

The Mask’s Tour in Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the few western countries that has preserved virtually unchanged numerous descendants mysterious rites from a very distant past. One of these is the Carnival. Carnival in Sardinia is said Carrasegare. Carre means living flesh and segare means cutting, tearing. Therefore, the term Carrasegare refers to the ancient Dionysian ritual […]

Carrasegare: cutting the flesh.