Pre nuragic tour
On the occasion of the Inauguration of Sardigna Tour, we have prepared for you a great offer on the Pre Nuragic Tour on the 18 Jun 2016! Let yourself be surprised by the sardinian story of 5000 years ago. Discover how pre-nuragic people lived and uses their tools. Keep your […]

Inauguration of Sardigna Tour – Pre Nuragic Tour

treatment of burns
The third and final practice of Sardinian folk medicine, after the eye medicine and the fright therapy is the treatment of burns. It is completely different from previous ones, because this one is based largely on a knowledge of empirical. It is said that many families whose ancestors were friends […]

Treatment of burns – Superstitions in Sardinia

saint ephysius
It certainly can not miss in the history of Sardinia and in particular of Cagliari devotion to a holy martyr Saint Ephysius.  The four years between 1652 and 1656 was a terrible period which brought severe damage and many deaths. He began in fact in 1652 the disaster of locusts […]

Saint Ephysius – Historical Figures in Sardinia

sos erchitos
Sos Erchitos are one of our magical creatures, a little less known but very disturbing. They are people who are guilty of atrocious crimes and, for some reason, have managed to escape the human justice and therefore are incurred in a superhuman punishment. These men, since only humans male can become Erchitos, […]

Sos Erchitos – Magical Creatures in Sardinia

Among the various breathtaking landscapes that Sardinia gives us, we have the pond. The pond is a wetland near the coast, formed behind the beaches and stretches of land that separate it from the sea. Thanks to the presence of salt water, is the ideal environment for both the nesting of many […]

The Pond – Landscapes in Sardinia

The mazzamurru is a poor and tasty dish of Sardinian cuisine. The Sardinian cuisine is made from simple ingredients, often characterized by dishes that were once defined poor but no less good or tasty. Today I’ll talk about a ubiquitous presence in our tables. An ingredient that occupies a very […]

The Mazzamurru – Cooking in Sardinia

fright theraoy
As we said a week ago, in Sardinia, there are several practices that can be divided into three main categories: the eye medicine, the fright therapy and treatment of burns. Today we speak of the terror therapy. What is this service? What evil plagues the patient is trying to get […]

Fright therapy – Superstitions in Sardinia

sa coga
Sa Coga, also called Sa Stria, Sa Sùrbile or Sa Surtora is a magical creature that has always been present in the Sardinian legends. It’s a kind of witch-vampire, as it is capable of transforming into aquatic animals, birds and insects of different type and also needs to drink human blood, […]

Sa Coga – Magical Creatures in Sardinia

capo carbonara
The reserve of Capo Carbonara born between rocks shields whipped by the wind and the sea and the white sand dunes caressed by waves, in a nook shy and primordial, off the east coast of Sardinia. The creeks of this area are among the most beautiful and well known by […]

The reserve of Capo Carbonara – Landscapes in Sardinia

The panada is a typical Sardinian dish consisting of a shell of pastry stuffed with eel, potatoes, dried tomatoes, parsley and garlic. This is the original. But of course .. the country you visit, panada you find. You can find it stuffed with lamb or just vegetables with artichokes and […]

The Panada – Cooking in Sardinia