Our Tours in Sardinia

Come and discover our history and traditions, through the day trip in Sardinia with Sardigna Tour.

You are going to see the nuraghes, the giants graves, the domus de Janas, the masks and much more.

With Sardigna Tour you will discover what the obsidian is and how it was processed. You will admire the craftsmanship and the engineering skills of the ancient nuragic people in front of the domus de janas, the proto nuraghes and the giants graves waiting for you for 3800 years!

With only one day trip in Sardinia you are going to discover a whole world. You will be able to answer to questions like where the nuraghes come from? What is a domus de janas and what do they use it for? Is it possible that people from the 4000 b.c. were able to build an astronomic observatory?

Or you can choose one of our Naturalistic Tour.

Let yourself be surprised by the colors of Sardinia and by its scent, during our excursions in Sardinia.

With Sardigna Tour, you will walk along the paths that lead to untouched beaches.

You will admire the pink flamingos, lagoons and crystal clear waters of our beaches.

A local guide will show you the mediterranean maquis of which you can enjoy the scent with fragrant eucalyptus trees, secular junipers and mastic trees with a thousand properties.

Just choose one of our tours and book immediately.