pinuccio sciola
He was the man who made the stones sing. Pinuccio Sciola had discovered the stones as a child, tilling the fields around San Sperate, in Campidano. Then with the first contest, Cagliari, the artistic experiences in Florence, Salzburg, Madrid. Yet the successes in Venice and Kassel. Sound stones were just […]

Pinuccio Sciola – Historical Figures in Sardinia

sos erchitos
Sos Erchitos are one of our magical creatures, a little less known but very disturbing. They are people who are guilty of atrocious crimes and, for some reason, have managed to escape the human justice and therefore are incurred in a superhuman punishment. These men, since only humans male can become Erchitos, […]

Sos Erchitos – Magical Creatures in Sardinia