mask's tour
During the Tour of Masks we will also learn about the carnival masks of Orotelli. The carnival of Orotelli, along with that one of Mamoiada and the one of Ottana, is one of the most beautiful and felt Carnival events in Sardinia. The traditional mask is called Sos Thurpos which means […]

Sos Thurpos e S’Eritaju – Mask’s Tour

mask's tour
As every region of Italy and the world, even Sardinia has its superstitions and ways to prevent or treat the fulfillment of a certain “curse”. According to the stuperstitions in Sardinia, there are several practices that can be divided into three main categories: the Eye medicine, the fright therapy and […]

The eye medicine – Superstitions in Sardinia

The culurgiones are stuffed pasta pockets, famous in the Sardinian tradition. Their name means “small bundles”, which as from the picture below, perfectly describes these small wonders of the Sardinian cuisine. The culurgiones are a traditional dish in Ogliastra, a region located in Sardinia. The popular towns for their preparation […]

The Culurgiones – Cooking in Sardinia

Boe mask: Ottana tipical mask. The figure of Boe is characterized by a mask with the features of a ox. Moreover it wears a white sheep skin and a cluster of cowbells.
  Discover who Mamuthones and Boes are and what kind of relationship they have with Issohadores and Merdules. Prepare to be amazed by the skill of the craftsmen, who in front of your eyes will realize a mask. Reach Mamoiada to discover the Sardinian masks and the rest of the […]

The Mask’s Tour in Sardinia