sacred well
The sacred wells are scattered throughout the territory of Sardinia and those currently known and are counted more than fifty. One of the best preserved is the Sacred Well of Santa Cristina. The sacred well, the construction of which can be placed around the eleventh century BC It is enclosed […]

Sacred well of Santa Cristina: astronomical observation or votive well?

giant's grave
What are the giant’s grave? Why are they called like that? For a very long time in Sardinia, people believed that the giant’s grave were the tomb of a giant man. In fact this tomb is long 30 meters and high 3. That’s why it is called a giant’s grave […]

Giant’s grave: stargate for one or many humans?

Boe mask: Ottana tipical mask. The figure of Boe is characterized by a mask with the features of a ox. Moreover it wears a white sheep skin and a cluster of cowbells.
  Discover who Mamuthones and Boes are and what kind of relationship they have with Issohadores and Merdules. Prepare to be amazed by the skill of the craftsmen, who in front of your eyes will realize a mask. Reach Mamoiada to discover the Sardinian masks and the rest of the […]

The Mask’s Tour in Sardinia