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He was the man who made the stones sing. Pinuccio Sciola had discovered the stones as a child, tilling the fields around San Sperate, in Campidano. Then with the first contest, Cagliari, the artistic experiences in Florence, Salzburg, Madrid. Yet the successes in Venice and Kassel. Sound stones were just the latest stop on the route of a great artist.

pinuccio sciola

He had big, strong hands like stone and gnarled like olive wood, born in San Sperate in 1942 and who died recently,
He had seen the world, but was back in Sardinia, its island-continent, although device in the art world. Because as repeated citing Rimbaud was fed from air, rock and mud
In fact, of stones, of its stones, it is littered the town of San Sperate, in fields, olive trees, orange trees, tangles of prickly pears are his labs.
But the sound stones are just one of the latest stages of the artistic research of Pinuccio School. A 17 when a friend without his knowledge presented three of his works at an exhibition-competition staged at the club La Rinascente Cagliari the jury declared him winner, on the grounds that in his work he discerned “the imprint of a strong personality that would have revealed to Sardinia an unknown talent. He was offered a scholarship to attend art school, where so for the first time came to Cagliari with a great desire to learn.

With degree in hand in later years Pinuccio Sciola¬†went to Florence, Salzburg, in Madrid, in Paris in May of the legendary “68” on the streets with the students, even in Mexico and Peru, to the island of Easter and the forests of the Congo . He had seen so many things and not having the words to describe them decided to whitewash the mud walls of San Sperate and dipingervi the world as he had so visto.Inaugurando the muralesimo in Sardinia, best known and publicized in Orgosolo. So much so that today the country is an outdoor museum in which each of its inhabitants has embraced the habit of using the walls to express their emotions.

San Sperate becomes an unexpected navel of the world of culture where the house of Pinuccio school and always open as were his heart and his mind, he always continued to look at the world through the eyes of a child.

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