East Beaches Tour – Tour in Sardinia 25

Sardinia in all its glory: thisĀ is what we offer with the East Beaches Tour!

east beaches tour
The sea, the sun, the beaches but also the unforgettable scent of the maquis will envelop you throughout the tour.

It starts inĀ Cagliari from the central Piazza Matteotti. Then we reach the Poetto beach, in the center of the city, specifically in Marina Piccola, from where you can admire and photograph the famous Sella del Diavolo on the one hand and on the other Molentargius.

east beaches tourAfter that, our journey continues along the coast. You will be enraptured by the landscape characterized by white beaches and crystal clear waters.

The first stop will be the long beach of Solanas, situated in the territory of Sinnai, with its clear waters and all around the Mediterranean. Continuing along the coast we will make some stops for lovers of photography in order to capture the most picturesque bays.


east beaches tour

The second stop on our East Beaches Tour is the Campulongu beach which is protected marine area of Capo Carbonara, where you can walk between the white sand dunes and you can swim in its blue sea.

Here we will stop for lunch in its dense pine forest.

In the afternoon we move to the final stage: Costa Rei!

Immersed in the scent of eucalyptus and mastic, after a short path to get to the beautiful beach of St. Just before the enchanting Scoglio di Peppino, protected by pristine dunes and white, the waters of which vary in all shades of blue.

The huge granite rock that divides the water into two natural pools, is so named because it is said that it was the favorite place of a local fisherman called Peppino, who had a very big belly similar to that of the rock.

Snorkelers will have the chance to swim and observe different types of fish around the rock, and for the brave, you can also go up and tuffarvisi.

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