West Beaches Tour – Splendor in Sardinia 23

Let yourself be surprised by the colors, the scents and the sounds during the West Beaches Tour.

With Sardigna Tour, you will walk along the paths that lead to less known and untouched beaches.

west beaches tour

You will admire the pink flamingos, lagoons and crystal clear waters of our beaches.

A local guide will show you the mediterranean maquis of which you can enjoy the scent, with fragrant eucalyptus trees, rock rose, which in ancient times were made dyes, and the fragrant lavender.

But let me tell you how it will be structured this beautiful day!

It starts from Cagliari, the pond of Santa Gilla where you can meet the characteristic pink flamingos that this lagoon have made it their home.

Then we will travel together to Chia, where we will go up to the tower, and while we walk we will admire the remains that emerge ancient city of Bithia.

west beaches tour

Later we will move to the island of Cardolinu (which in Sardinian means island of the mushroom), where you can enjoy the sun lying on the strip of land that connects the island to the mainland.

From there we continue on to the cove of Pinus Village where we will walk along the rocks and you can enjoy its beautiful natural pools.

Finally we visit the beautiful beach of Santa Margherita di Pula, where we will admire the beautiful Spanish tower and then we will conclude in Pula, a city that offers its visitors traditions, performances, art, culture, music and much more.

The West Beaches Tour will end at 6pm, at which time you will have gone back to Cagliari.

What is included

  • Transportation aboard a luxury air-conditioned coach
  • Local guide who speaks English and Italian

What is excluded

  • Lunch
  • Snacks

Pick-up point

  • Piazza Matteotti in front of Cagliari Train Station.

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