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Sardinia is not a large island but a small continent and actually ┬áthere are so many Sardinias. Likewise the capital of Sardinia has many faces, beautiful and contrasting each other: Castello, Marina, Stampace, Villanova, beaches and lagoons … Cagliari is able to charm its visitors, situated as it is in one of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean.


You can realizes immediately that this is a city on a human scale, light years away from pollution and bustle of big cities. Just think that in a few minutes by car you can move to the center and get immense and well organized beach Poetto, or in the pretty bay of Calamosca, where it seems to be magically into one of those hidden corners of the wild coast between thick vegetation and turquoise waters.
Cagliari was founded according to tradition by the Phoenicians that fact gave the name of Karel or Karalis, later became a colony of the Carthaginians, who used it as the main base. The city was conquered by Tiberius Gracchus in 238 BC and experienced a long period of prosperity, so that Julius Caesar gave the status of municipium and became one of the most important Mediterranean ports.
The difficulties began with the decline of Rome when the city fell to the Vandals and Goths. After a brief revival in Byzantine times, it was repeatedly plundered by the Saracens and later by the Aragonese.
In the late 1700s it became capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia, which was later followed in fundamental for the creation of the Kingdom of Italy and then of the Italian Republic.


Legend has it that Cagliari was founded by Aristeo, son of Apollo and the nymph Cyrene. Looking for a heavenly place, it is said that it is high in Sardinia accompanied by Daedalus. It ‘interesting that, while Aristeo put peace between the various tribes of Sardinia Cagliari and founded, his friend Daedalus built the nuraghi.

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