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Although Sardinia is an island, it doesn’t have a big seafood tradition. What prevails is rather poor but genuine food of the shepherds. However, along the coast, the seafood cuisine of Sardinia had a significant explosion, with genuine local ingredients to prepare original recipes. In fact, next to a poor cuisine, based on the use of less valuable fish and extremely simple recipes always used by the people who inhabit the coast, has developed a very sophisticated cuisine also to satisfy the palates of the villeggitori. Of course, the raw material is not lacking: from shellfish and seafood of Alghero, to tuna of Carloforte, the grilled fish of Oristano, Maddalena and Cala Gonone.

pesceCulinary preparations have diversified with more and more articulated and refined proposals, combining tradition with innovation. In fact, many recipes involving the use, for example, the typical pasta such as filindeu, the malloreddusu, the spawning season or even the taddharini reinterpreted by the imagination of cooks, or of particular ingredients such as myrtle leaves, wild fennel, asparagus of woods.

An important speech then covers canned fish. In Sardinia there are, even if in limited quantity, unique products such as the roe of ling, the merca, the bonito, the liver and the heart of preserved tuna.

These rare and precious ingredients have always been used by the people for the preparation of simple traditional dishes but today they create new possibilities of taste testing to ancient tastes almost forgotten.

Among these unique dishes a special place deserves the burrida, dish of Cagliari tradition, a dish made with dogfish, garlic, parsley, walnuts, white wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and finally a sprinkling of nutmeg. A magnificent perfect cold dish for a summer dinner.

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