The Orcs – Magical Creatures in Sardinia 124

Since time immemorial, the orcs are synonymous with bogeys with enormous dimensions.



These creatures, much like the giant, but more bad, as well as having a repulsive appearance, are expressed with a brutal language, interspersed with curses. They are evil beings and anti-social, sometimes deformed. In many sardines legends possess great wealth that arouse the greed of men, which of course are tempted to seize it. The various attempts, however, often fail and the humans end up becoming meal of these evil beings.

In Sardinia, there are many places where the name is linked in some way to the orcs. There are thirty-six nuraghi, various giants graves and menhirs which are called domo, tumba or pedra de s’orcu.

Near Siddi, in the Marmilla, there is a tomb of the giant called Domu and S’Orcu (home ogre) which are linked several fantastic stories.

In one he tells the story of an ogre who would have dug a long tunnel with the aim to reach the village church to steal the treasure that was guarded. But, having dug too deep, instead of arriving at the church, came to hell. There, a huge snake looking devil made him a mouthful.

Each Sardinian child who lived in central Sardinia has been afraid of the orcs. The sons of pastors, in the old days, when they brought the sheep to graze near Sa Domu and S’Orcu, put grass inside each bell of each sheep, to avoid waking the orcs with the noise and end up be their meal.

But there is a version of the orcs a bit ‘more than good: it is said that no one has ever seen an ogre drink water, that is, to do simple everyday action since the orcs go to drink only in the waterfalls, not to scaring humans to the river.

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