The Giara di Siddi – Landscapes in Sardinia 19

Do you know the Giara di Siddi? The plateau inside the region of Marmilla?


giara di siddi

When you think of Sardinia your mind goes immediately to the idea of the sea: clear, transparent, crystalline but the island defies classification and seems to want to displace people from outside, almost as if to hide, for pride and innate modesty. So it can happen to meet famous people in the most famous beaches and crowded but it can happen not to meet a soul for kilometers through the mountains. Or even to meet with those who go down to explore the seabed and who climbs on breathtaking walls.

A little further on we find the Mediterranean, the oily smell of mastic and juniper, the intense fragrance of rock rose and the myrtle, olive trees, arbutus and generous cork oaks. The wonder grows as it is pushed inside and you find a world of stone cones with a broken neck, circular and prehistoric towers that tell of a time past and full of mystery, of megalithic worship, graves of giants and fairy houses that evoke myths and legends of a severe land but never stingy.

giara di siddi
In a series of hills and plateaus, archaeological treasures and green are the Marmilla, a clove unexpected Sardinia, a treasure trove of ancient culture and treasures that characterize the landscape. The name, smiling and music, has no certain origins, but it comes down to the sinuous morphology of the area dotted with marshes, similar in fact to a thousand seas that characterized it in ancient times. Today is formed by solitary plateaus and a succession of hills, but the giara, the basaltic plateaus of volcanic origin in giving you the best viewpoints and natural wealth. Except for the occasional farm, they seem uninhabited and maintain the atmosphere of secluded, almost magical that probably has always been, from the earliest times. Their walls formerly inaccessible and their morphology defensive led to believe that they were used as fortresses to tackle the Punic and Roman invasions.

There you can see forests of cork and a succession of Mediterranean scrub, grassland and scrubland giara di siddi(vegetation typical of the Mediterranean rocky terrain) dotted with lakes where rain water is drinking the local wildlife, amazing wildlife, we find ponies Sardinians who graze freely and in packs. When it blows the strong mistral these fascinating animals retreat in the bush and it is very difficult to trace them. Besides the giara di Gesturi, the largest in Sardinia, we have about eight kilometers of Siddi, 357 meters high, where you can go hiking on the trail of 17 nuragici monuments, including the tomb of the giants: Sa Domu and S’Orcu , the best preserved island and the protonuraghe Sa Fogaia.
You can admire real obsidian sources that emerge from the rocks and you can learn to recognize the flora of the plateau, covered by holm oak woods and Mediterranean bush with hundreds of different botanical species including mosses and lichens wild orchids.

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