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One of the biggest and most impressive giant’s grave of Sardinia is Sa Domu and S’Orcu located on the Giara of Siddi.

sa domu e s'orcu

The name comes from the fact that the popular legend of the area said that it was the home of big orcs and it was said that there several bones were found, considered to be the remains of their banquets.
Actually, unlike other tombs of the giants, in which the bones were found are, in this very not.

Its structure is very special. It consists of a chamber fifteen meters long and two meters and a half high. The façade is made in rows and extending from the center opening two semicircular arms that seem to reproduce the forms of the horns of a bull.

Some professors believe that the design of this architecture would be dedicated to the god Taurus. During that time (we are talking of the sixteenth century BC) it was worshiped the God Taurus, as a symbol of strength, as demonstrated by several votive statues.

According to other scholars, however, the semicircular arms depicting the legs of a woman in labor, and a symbol of fertility, rebirth and continuation of life after death. This theory refers to the other great gods of time, that is, the Mother Goddess, also largely in stylized figurines.

Although no bones were found, the funeral function is not in doubt, given the very similar nature to that of all other tombs of the giants found in the island.

There is, however, another function, just as interesting that found favor quite public.


According to some scholars, the Tomb of the Giants Sa Domu and S’Orcu is built on the basis of a kind of esoteric map at the points where focus more energy flows, that is, those invisible currents that are released from the earth and that man , thanks to a process of osmosis, is able to absorb. The semicircular arms of the grave would be willing own energy lines coincide, so as to capture the flow to store it in the stone slabs. These, through this phenomenon, would acquire the healing properties: Under certain conditions, it would be enough to put your body in contact with the stele to benefit.


It is not excluded, in fact, that in the past, at Sa Domu and S’Orcu, the rites were practiced in order to heal physical and mental illnesses diseases, or even resurrect the dead that once hung were filled with the force transmitted by the god Taurus or of life blown by the Mother goddess.


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