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On the occasion of the Inauguration of Sardigna Tour, we have prepared for you a great offer on the Pre Nuragic Tour on the 18 Jun 2016!

Let yourself be surprised by the sardinian story of 5000 years ago.
Discover how pre-nuragic people lived and uses their tools.
Keep your eyes open to find precious obsidian remains.
Feel the magic of sacred sites such as Nuraghes and Giant’s graves.

pre nuragic tour
Departs from Cagliari to discover the beauty of the Monte Arci.
Dive in the history and folklore of an area inhabited by humans 5,000 years ago.

After departing at 9:00 am on the 18 Jun, you’ll set north towards the small town of Pau, the largest and rich in obsidian mine in the Mediterranean area.
Visiting the museum with company of an archaeologist and creator of the museum, you will discover all the secrets of volcanic glass used even before the Bronze Age.
After the visite, you will do a walk in the largest field of obsidian in the Mediterranean.

You’ll stop for your packed lunch. Tour in Sardinia - Giant's Tomb. This type of monument, built during the Bronze Age by Nuragic civilization, is formed by collective graves.

Then you visit the Giara of Siddi, where you will have the opportunity to visit the protonuraghe Sa Fogaia, (one of fourteen nuraghes that populate the Giara)
and the largest and best preserved Giant’s grave “Sa domu ‘e s’Orcu”, which literally means “The ogre’s house,” as it is said to be inhabited by an evil creature like an ogre.
The tour will end at 7:00 pm at which time you will be back in Cagliari.

What is included

– Transportation aboard a luxury air-conditioned coach
– Local guide who speaks English and Italian
– Entrance to the Museum Obsidian
– Entrance and guide at the Giara of Siddi

What is excluded
– Your packed lunch
– Snacks

Pick-up Point
Pullman- follow usPiazza Matteotti in front of Cagliari Train Station.

What are you waiting for? Book your ticket now for the Pre Nuragic Tour!

If you travel by Sardigna Tour bus the ticket will costs just € 40!

If, however, you will travel with your car, you will have a 50% discount and you will pay your ticket € 20!

Book now here, or call the number +39 3512045692, or write to!Pau. Obsidian.” width=”1170″ height=”500″ />


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