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The third and final practice of Sardinian folk medicine, after the eye medicine and the fright therapy is the treatment of burns.

It is completely different from previous ones, because this one is based largely on a knowledge of empirical.

It is said that many families whose ancestors were friends of St. Nicholas, have inherited his art in treating burns and get rid of scars. But most likely, this is a knowledge that we pass down from time by far prior to Christianity.

treatment of burns

It is, in fact, an ancient recipe made from herbs that grow wild in Gallura, a region of Sardinia. Each of these families has its own recipe, each with its variants, which are handed down from generation to generation in secret. At one time even the cattle thieves, they say, used the remedies of St. Nicholas to clear the brand focus from the skin of the animal stolen: the owner would not have been that way be able to recognize or to prove that he had.

The treatment of burns is based on medicinal preparations of local herbs. The recipe of such ointments is handed down from master to the initiate and exclusive knowledge of a narrow circle of people. In certain cases the ritual is also accompanied by the reading of formulas and prayers, which are, however, secondary to the actual treatment. Substances used by these healers are varied: oils, decoctions or ointments, mainly derived from medicinal herbs.

The effectiveness of such treatment has been demonstrated, to the point that towards them, in many cases, there has been a serious concern of the medical establishment, which has led many doctors to work with these healers. There have been, even, many episodes in which doctors, not being able to effectively treat some types of burn, have suggested to the patient to turn to traditional medicine.

Some families who practice the treatment of burns have even received official certificates that testify to the effectiveness of therapies, with which, in addition to burns, can also be cured some cases of alopecia, various epidermal diseases and get rid of the scars.

Healers who practice such therapies there are about forty, with a good percentage of men, but as with all other medications with a clear majority of women. As to remedies used, changing from one to another shaman, being secret formulas do not know much, only that the herb extract in some cases is mixed with egg yolk.

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