Saint Ephysius – Historical Figures in Sardinia

It certainly can not miss in the history of Sardinia and in particular of Cagliari devotion to a holy martyr Saint Ephysius. saint ephysius
The four years between 1652 and 1656 was a terrible period which brought severe damage and many deaths. He began in fact in 1652 the disaster of locusts that with a huge swarm covered fields and grounds of the Sardinian land. In the same year in the north part it appeared the fatal plague especially in Alghero and in Sassari, making victims of victims. Unfortunately you can see in the state archives since they were terrible effects of the epidemic during those unfortunate four years.

Each country informed its dead, hundreds. A communication sent from Oristano demonstrates that the plague also produced numerous victims in convents. Cagliari for some time remained immune to the terrible epidemic in part thanks to the wise measures taken to ensure that contact with the infected areas were kept to a minimum, especially with Catalonia. But in 1655, unfortunately, in the city of Cagliari it appeared the plague, bringing with them countless deaths.

The population of Cagliari was in that year, 1656, the terrible days of anguish and dead, its inhabitants were reduced to half and then a few thousand people. Unfortunately, in every family there were many victims of the terrible disease, and those who survived could only see with horror that the city was now transformed into a veritable graveyard, so that the wells scattered throughout the city almost could no longer contain corpses.
saint ephysius
Despite all this, the faith of Cagliari was strong and resisted the misfortune indeed the sound of bells gathered to pray, turning to Saint Ephysius vows to free the city from the epidemic.

It is said that the Viceroy had a miraculous apparition of the holy martyr in which the churches, to the liberation of the plague, the vote of the procession of May 1 and it is true that in that year the epidemic ceased.
From that day the town of Cagliari instituted in honor of Saint Ephysius the now famous procession to thank the grace received.

The traditional procession attracts many faithful but also many tourists because you believe it or not all of Cagliari and not only place their trust and their prayers in the holy.

Saint Ephysius is the holiest of all, without distinction, regardless of their social background whenever we celebrate the vote and through the streets of the city in his chariot is impossible not to ask him at least a prayer.