Sos Erchitos – Magical Creatures in Sardinia

Sos Erchitos are one of our magical creatures, a little less known but very disturbing.

They are people who are guilty of atrocious crimes and, for some reason, have managed to escape the human justice and therefore are incurred in a superhuman punishment.sos erchitos

These men, since only humans male can become Erchitos, at night take the form of giant bulls with steel horns and, thus transformed, walk through the streets of their village. Another version of the legend says that on the horns have lighted candles.

Sos Erchitos are feared as announcers of death. When they arrive in front of a house of someone who is going to die soon, in fact, they moo for three times. That’s why people will wake up at night when they hear the sound of their hooves.

Often these creatures are accompanied by a host of demons who play trumpets and drums and have fun goad them with skewers and keep their legs bound with heavy chains.

To resume the human features, Sos Erchitos must wait for the sunrise and make s’imbrossinadura, ie rolling on the ground in front of three churches or in front of a gate of a cemetery.

Their curse lasts throughout life, and the only way to be freed from this torment is to meet a strong and courageous person, able to cut with a single stroke of the steel horns sword. In the other version of the legend, however, the person must be capable of extinguishing the candles with one breath that the beast on his horns.

A very curious matter is that despite Sos Erchitos are greatly feared, the popular medicine attributes to the horns of these beasts the property to heal the pains in the spleen.

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