The Pond – Landscapes in Sardinia

Among the various breathtaking landscapes that Sardinia gives us, we have the pond.

The pond is a wetland near the coast, formed behind the beaches and stretches of land that separate it from the sea. Thanks to the presence of salt water, is the ideal environment for both the nesting of many species of birds and also the exploitation of man by man who often uses it as saltern or as nurseries for the breeding of various types of fish and shellfish .

In Sardinia there are both in the Oristano area is in the area of Cagliari, where we find the pond of Molentargius, natural oasis among the most important in the Mediterranean, which has even been chosen by the charming pink flamingos. The flamingos are very rare species that nest in Europe only in France and Spain.

The first colony of flamingos settled in 1993. Since that time were born a thousand new specimens and during spring even reached the figure of 10,000 newcomers. In the following years, these beautiful birds continued to choose to mate Molentargius, rare and unexplained fact saw that the pond is located between the center of the city of Cagliari and Quartu S. Elena.

The origin of the name of the pond, Molentargius, is linked to the fact that, when it was used as a salt, to bring the salt was the donkey, which in Sardinian is said “on molenti”. From here, Molentargius, location of the donkeys.

For the presence of rare species of birds including herring gulls, cormorants, mallards, knights of Italy, chickens sultans, cerini herons, marsh harriers, avocets, grebes, mignattoi, garzatte and especially pink flamingos the pond of Molentargius was declared regional park since 1999 and so protected area.

It could not be otherwise, given the extraordinary beauty of the area, among greenery and spectacular pink flamingos that have chosen to nest, entrusting us with their most valuable asset!

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