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The mazzamurru is a poor and tasty dish of Sardinian cuisine.
The Sardinian cuisine is made from simple ingredients, often characterized by dishes that were once defined poor but no less good or tasty.
Today I’ll talk about a ubiquitous presence in our tables. An ingredient that occupies a very special place in the Sardinian cuisine: thebread. Is produced since prehistoric times, it was a flat bread made with flour obtained from the milling of cereals and blended with water. mazzamurru
It is believed that the first raised bread was discovered by the Egyptians.
A little ‘of dough left out for hours captured the natural yeast from the air during cooking swelled. It was the first fermented dough.

The typical dish today consists mainly of bread, more precisely from stale bread. It ‘a simple but very good recipe that made my taste for the first time my grandmother.
It’s called mazzamurru.
With this dish she was able to satisfy the taste, the stomach and to recover the hard bread, a few days, that otherwise would be wasted.

To cook the mazzamurru takes just a few ingredients: stale homemade bread, grated cheese (but also another long grated cheese) and a good tomato sauce.
But as with every dish in Sardinia, everyone has his own recipe for the mazzamurru; another pretends to cook it directly in the sauce, those in milk, those in the vegetable broth flavored with herbs, those (like my grandmother) just like the pasta in the boiling water.


Carefully cut the bread into pieces, preparing a good tomato sauce flavored with rosemary, sugar and embellished with extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and a little chopped onion. Put to boil a bit of previously salt water, he quickly dipped the bread, sometimes bathed directly in the pan in which the spiced, we poured the freshly prepared sauce and dusted generously with cheese, more precisely pecorino.

The mazzamurru is the emblem of the constant presence of the genuine taste in Sardinia, that characterizes our kitchen and our whole culture.

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