Fright therapy – Superstitions in Sardinia 18

As we said a week ago, in Sardinia, there are several practices that can be divided into three main categories: the eye medicine, the fright therapy and treatment of burns.

Today we speak of the terror therapy.

fright theraoy

What is this service? What evil plagues the patient is trying to get rid of with this treatment?

The fear of the therapy aims to remove the demon that took office in the victim’s body following a good fright. This is why it can not attend any ceremony beyond the healer and the sick: we would run the risk of transferring the demon from body to body.

This practice is based on the recitation of formulas and prayers.

In some cases the element that accompanies them is water, which is then thrown suddenly upon the sick, so that it be afraid, in fact.

In other cases Tradition dictates that the prayers and incantations are accompanied by exposure of the patient to the smoke produced by burning candles or incense or blessed flowers. Some healers have a habit of burning, along with such substances, even pieces of tissue of a patient’s clothing.

Another element that may accompany the rite is a handful of soil collected at the place where the victim suffered fear: this is dropped on the patient’s head while reading the incantations or prayers, or in some cases made to ingest sick mixed into the water.

If the reason for the fear is determined by the death of someone, this practice can take place at the cemetery. The patient is laid him out on three different graves and the potion is produced with the powder of the bones of the dead, this legacy, the nuragica incubation ceremonies.

To date, the fright therapy has been practiced for forty healers and are more than three thousand people every year come from all over the island to ask for healing.

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