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Sa Coga, also called Sa Stria, Sa Sùrbile or Sa Surtora is a magical creature that has always been present in the Sardinian legends.

sa coga

It’s a kind of witch-vampire, as it is capable of transforming into aquatic animals, birds and insects of different type and also needs to drink human blood, in particular that one of children not yet baptized or pregnant women.

All girls born at midnight on December twenty-fourth can become cogas, but also the last of the seventh daughters (all females and virgin at the time of his birth).

The appearance of the coga is perfectly normal and human. There are, however, a few distinctive signs which allow a person to recognize a coga: a small cross on the hairy back or a tiny tail. So the fact that they may seem normal, enables them to everyday life in the midst of the community, except that in some nights are forced to turn to go out for blood. Then either they turn into birds or aquatic animals or to certain types of coga sprout wings and fly away.

To protect their children from Cogas that turn into insects, many mothers plug the keyhole with wax. Others will pose some objects such as tripods that are used to put the pots on the stove, the brooms with the brush at the top and the horseshoes. They have the power to drive the hips cogas the foliage of orange that are hung in the children’s rooms.

By a special rite, any woman can turn into a Coga. To do so, you must travel to a cemetery during a Friday night and remove the fat from a cadaver. This substance will be mixed with the blood of a virgin girl and with holy oil. The ointment thus obtained is smeared under the armpits and soles of coga future. As soon will drop at night, the person will start to turn into Sa Coga.

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