The reserve of Capo Carbonara – Landscapes in Sardinia 2

The reserve of Capo Carbonara born between rocks shields whipped by the wind and the sea and the white sand dunes caressed by waves, in a nook shy and primordial, off the east coast of Sardinia.

Capo Carbonara

The creeks of this area are among the most beautiful and well known by the world; on a coastline of less than 32 km are the famous beaches of Campu Longu, Campus, Porto Giunco and Punta Molentis (to name a few). Characterized by fine white sand like flour, these beaches have nothing to envy to that of Polynesia.

The Mediterranean vegetation extends along the coast and in between the pine trees, juniper trees, fragrant eucalyptus, olive and mastic trees, leaving the unforgettable scent typical of the landscapes in Sardinia.

Important archaeological importance of the area, there are in fact era sites prenuragic, Nuragic, capo carbonaraPhoenician, Punic, Roman and even medieval. Just think of the village of Carbonara, now deceased, who is none other than the current Villasimius. Its ancient name suggests that there was an activity of charcoal production. Another of the medieval era remains is the old fortress that dates back to the seventeenth century.

In this area of the seabed, as well as artifacts and relics of all ages,

we find many different types of fish and the typical aquatic plants such as Poseidon, forming veritable prairie, giving breathtaking views for snorkelling lovers.

The protected marine area of Capo Carbonara, which stretches from Capo Boi to the island of Serpentara is a natural park that was established to protect marine area since 1998.

As you can see the names of the beaches in this area they are very specific.

For example, the origin of the name of the island of Cavoli presumably comes from the species of wild cabbage here present, or may derive from the Sardinian Cavuru or crab, crustacean very present in the island’s rocks.

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