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As every region of Italy and the world, even Sardinia has its superstitions and ways to prevent or treat the fulfillment of a certain “curse”.

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According to the stuperstitions in Sardinia, there are several practices that can be divided into three main categories: the Eye medicine, the fright therapy and treatment of burns.

Today we will learn of the eye medicine. It is a magical and therapeutic ritual, popular since time immemorial in all areas of the island. Any healer who knows how to do it, he learned from someone of his family. The purpose of this practice is to heal from the evil eye. The latter is a kind of curse that can be attached to anyone by anyone – with a simple exchange of glances – even though the main carriers of this “disease” would be the blind and people with green eyes. There is also those who argue that the “catch eye” depends on the blood, that is, that there are some familiar strains that are more aggressive and tend to have a negative energy flow.

The evil eye is healed through magic formulas and prayers combined use of certain features such as water, present in every variant of the practice, and then (depending on the place and the family that is practicing the rite) salt and wheat, or oil or special stones or animal horns or shells.

The rite, for it to work, can be repeated at least three times up to a maximum of nine.

Traces of this superstition are found in idioms or daily habits. It may happen that when you make a compliment to a child, the mother can answer “No mettergli eye!” This is because it is customary to believe that the eye can also be generated dal’invidia. The only compliment that does not generate this type of reaction is “that God will keep!”

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