Eleonora d’Arborea – Historical figures in Sardinia

Eleonora d’Arborea was giudicessa of Arborea between 1383 and 1404. She was responsible for the promulgation¬†of the Charter Logu, a collection of laws intended for Sardinians Counties.eleonora d'arborea

On the death of his brother, she became giudicessa and immediately proved to have a great political intelligence. After successfully completing the father of the project to bring together almost the entire island under his scepter of giudicessa regent, holding in check and fighting back the edge of the island of the Aragonese troops, he saw her collapsing the project following an unpredictable unknown of fate: the plague, which he gave up without a fight Sardinia to Aragon.

According to tradition, the giudicessa died, around 1404, perhaps of plague, in an unspecified location. On his grave, in fact, you can make only suppositions. According to some scholars, such as the White Pitzorno and Francesco Casula it may have been buried in the cathedral of Oristano, or in the San Gavino Martire church, near the Castle of Monreale, at Sardis, where often stayed.

As a person much beloved, in fact, Eleonora was soon to become the protagonist of fairy tales and legends in which they highlighted his cunning, his sense of justice and also its physical strength.

For these capabilities out of the ordinary, in some stories Eleonora is described as a magician with extraordinary powers.

The legends were born about her curiously connect with that which has as its protagonist a certain King Mastiff (maybe it’s Martin I of Aragon, known as “The Old Man”).

It is said, in fact, that this king, helped by the devil, he forged a sword with the thirty pieces of gold received by Judas for betraying Jesus Christ. This weapon with magical powers was hidden in the basement of Rocca de Ghisos at Cuglieri and here was found by Eleonora D’Arborea. It was thanks to this weapon that Giudicessa could defeat many enemies.