The Janas – Magical Creature in Sardinia

Are you familiar with the Domus de Janas? For those who do not know them, they are the tombs excavated in the rock. But their beauty and their accuracy in all details and decorations have been an archaeological puzzle for a long time.


As you see in the picture this sort of caves were too small to be inhabited by people … so as with all things in which man is unable to give an explanation, we get help from the magic and folk beliefs have become the dwellings of fantastic beings. A little witch, a little elf, a little fairy. The Janas indeed!

There are different types of Janas:

  • those similar to the fairies. They are very small in stature and have wings. Only on summer nights (in other seasons we can not know what they do) flying over the fields by emitting a very strong light. They are timid and go near them is very difficul. They prefer, in fact, play with the kids. They all live together and are headed by the so-called Jana Maista. It is said that every twelve years, this sort of queen of the fairies locked herself up in a mysterious cave for three days and give birth to new Janas.
  • those anthropomorphic. They resemble in almost everything to beautiful maidens. Their eyes betrayjanas

    their nature of Janas. They love to bathe in the rivers and run naked through the woods. They have many animal as friends like the wild sheep and foxes. Their peculiarity is that they love to dance, and that’s the only time they come close to humans. But woe to get involved in their dances! It is said that those who dance with Janas does not realize the passage of time and that took a strange frenzy, we can dance for years, convinced that they spent only a few hours.

  • those malignant. We have no news of their features, but we do know that they are very mischievous. They have fun organizing all sorts of pranks and mischief to damage human. Among the most frequent is that of preventing the leavening of the dough for bread.
  • those with the treasures. These Janas live not only in their domus, but also in nuraghi or into caves. In these places they preserve precious treasures and spend their time weaving of golden frames of the beautiful fabrics that are stretched out on the grass in full moon nights. It is said that in Samatzai there is still hidden and buried somewhere in one of their frames, but no one dares to look for him not to make wicked the Janas, you know they are very touchy!

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