The canyon of Su Gorroppu – Landscape in Sardinia

Have you ever seen the stars in broad daylight? Have you ever caught the flowers of the fern?

canyon of su gorroppu

I know that this kind of things are impossible, but if you go into the canyon of Su Gorroppu, it is said you can!

Su Gorroppu is the deepest canyon in the island and in some studies is said to be one of the deepest in Europe. It is located in the Ogliastra region, in the south-eastern part of Sardinia.

It is long, more or less a kilometer and a half and collapses to 550 meters. On the bottom narrows and reaches the minimum width of 4-5 meters. While standing on the bottom of the canyon with two such high walls, if you strive … well maybe you can see a few stars!

As the vast majority of canyons, also Su Gorroppu was born thanks to the workings of the waters of Rio Flumineddu. A work which has lasted thousands of years and that makes it a masterpiece of nature. The bottom of the groove, also, is covered with large smoothed and white rocks.

Needless to say, Su Gorroppu is visited every year by thousands of people who love trekking. The path between one side and the other of the throat can be effected in about 2 hours.

But Su Gorroppu is not only the rock, which are very beautiful.

Being a virtually unspoiled place, it has become a precious treasure trove of biodiversity. The gorge, in fact, preserves the Sardinian endemic rare. For example, if you are lucky you can spot the “columbine” of Gorroppu, a flower also known as the “nuragic”. And the Sardinian Euprotto, an amphibious now very rare and the Supramonte cave salamander.canyon of su gorroppu

But the surprises of this area are not over. Yes, because it is said that, in Ogliastra, there is a magic portion of land very hidden and located near the throat. Legend says that anyone who has the audacity to seek it and are lucky enough to go above it, will have a long life. No one knows where he is, but why not groped the fate?

Another legend says that the area between the walls of the canyon of Su Gorroppu, bloom only at night, magic flowers of the male fern. Probably not everyone knows that the magic flower of the male fern, which is also called magic flower of St. John, gives to anyone who take it, the power of invisibility, great knowledge and above all a great protection against evil. Only the bravest can catch it, sliding down from the Supramonte of Orgosolo into the canyon.

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