Sacred well of Santa Cristina: astronomical observation or votive well?

The sacred wells are scattered throughout the territory of Sardinia and those currently known and are counted more than fifty.

One of the best preserved is the Sacred Well of Santa Cristina.

sacred well

The sacred well, the construction of which can be placed around the eleventh century BC It is enclosed by a temenos, elliptical enclosure that separates the sacred area from the profane, which surrounds another in the form of “lock”, within which is located the well itself. holy well

During the Spring and Autumn equinox, you can observe the alignment phenomenon of the sun with the entry stairs at the well.

“The priest who descends thanks to a brainteaser with water, can see his shadow reflected upside down on the back wall.” ¬†sacred well

According to the theory of Arnold Lebeuf the sanctuary of Santa Cristina could have been also a place for astronomical observation and analysis; In fact, during the Lunistizio the Moon reflected on the bottom of the well, illuminating; this occurs every 18 years and a half. The last time was in 2006.

But the surprises do not end there on the sacred well!

A careful analysis has been conducted and have been plotted the energy levels that change as you descend the stairs, until you get in contact with water. Following the allegation made by Mario Aresu and Lello Fadda, the first step were taken over 2,000 Bovis. Level rises as the descent proceeds, up to 7,800 Bovis the tenth step. Further down you get to the twenty-fourth step with a 34,000 Bovis and contact with water will reach 410,000 Bovis. These energy levels suggest that the descent to the waters represent a real path of initiation or in any case a discharge path and reloading of energy to those coming down to the well and was immersed in its waters.

That’s why every year the holy well is the goal of true pilgrimages from people who are looking for some sort of mind and body purification, or simply seeking to unravel the mystery that lies behind this place: what of that? What kind of¬†rituals were performed?