Bread’s Tour in Sardinia

This tour picks up passions and traditions, tells of old jobs and flavors never lost that we still find today in the territory of Trexenta.


In our culture the bread has always been cloaked by various meanings: it is food and symbol at the same time.

Come and find out why.

You are going to depart from Cagliari to reach Ortacesus, the small farming village of Trexenta, located in the northern part of the province of Cagliari.

You will visit the wheat fields, the Grain museum and you will realize “Su Pani Pintau”, the painted bread.

What awaits you

The first stop will be to visit to the wheat fields near the village of Arixi, where you will know the different varieties of durum wheat, smell the scents of the earth and enjoy the natural visual spectacle.

After that, you will see the Museum of Wheat. Here you’ll discover how the bread was created in the past and the importance it has always had in the society. Pani Pintau

Then, finally, you get to immerge your hands in the dough and realize your “Pani Pintau”, which means painted bread.

The findings will continue over lunch, where you will discover the meanings of all the gestures made at the table and you will taste indorau bread, fried simbua, pistoccu bread and many other delicacies.

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