Giant’s grave: stargate for one or many humans?

What are the giant’s grave? Why are they called like that?

Tour in Sardinia - Giant's Tomb. This type of monument, built during the Bronze Age by Nuragic civilization, is formed by collective graves.

For a very long time in Sardinia, people believed that the giant’s grave were the tomb of a giant man. In fact this tomb is long 30 meters and high 3. That’s why it is called a giant’s grave and that’s also the reason of many legends.

During our Pre Nuragic Tour, in fact, we will visit “Sa domu e s’orcu”, that in sardinian language means “The house of the ogre”. That’s because it is said that it has been inhabited by a ogre.

Actually, these tombs are collective graves. In fact, inside of them the archeologists  found tens (and in some cases, hundreds) of remains of human skeletons.

giant's grave

We do not know in detail the ritual of burial, but the structure of the monument infer that this was a place where not only bury the dead, but also where the living were going to meet the divine. The arc formed by the basic fact, the menhirs, there is almost always a seat on which the nuragici they sat or reclined to seek contact with God, overnight.

The entrance of the tomb consists of a large and high slab of stone with a door that would connect the outside with the inside of the tomb. It had the symbolic value of union between the living world and the afterlife, at the base there was a counter on which were left the offerte.giant’s grave

The most special thing to consider is the fact that the tomb of the giants, top view, is the stylized horns of a bull. The figure of the bull is very common in Sardinia because it represented the masculine strength in union with the Mother Goddess. Their sacred encounter generates life and gives energy to the soul so that it can meet the energy of the earth.

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