The Devil’s Saddle – Landscapes in Sardinia

What’s the legend about one of the most picturesque landscapes in Sardinia, the Devil’s Saddle?

And do you know why the near gulf is called Gulf of the Angels?

Most picturesque landascapes in Sardinia

The first thing about the Devil’s Saddle is that everyone that grew up in Cagliari, or nearby, when arrive to Poetto’s beach turn his face to the right and look for the Saddle. It’s something that happens automatically. Everybody do it!

And this happens not only because the Saddle is one of the most beautiful and suggestive landscapes in Sardinia in every moment of the year, but also because since we were young, our parents told us a story, that explained the name Devil’s Saddle and the Gulf of the Angels.

It is said that there was a war between Lucifer and God for the domain of the most beautiful and peaceful place: the island of Sardinia. God wanted to give this place to the angels, but Lucifer wanted the place only for himself and a few angels that were on his side.

During the battle, God hurled Lucifer to the earth and he fell over the mountain so violently that the shape of his leg changed the mountain into a saddle. The angels that were trying to defend him fell into the beautiful sea near the mountain.

That’s how they create the Devil’s Saddle and the Gulf of the Angels.

Landscape in Sardinia by night

Obviously there are many different versions of this legend, the reality is that the Devil’s Saddle has witnessed many events from the Punic, to the Romans, to the Byzanthines, until the Spanish… but this is another story…

If you want to know more about the Devil’s Saddle, if you want to take pictures, if you want to be amazed by the history and the charm of a place that enchanted millions of people, book one of our Naturalistic Tour!