Su Pani Pintau: the Bread that becomes Art

Su Pani Pintau means the Decorated Bread. It is a type of bread made with durum wheat and decorated for festivity and special occasions. Prepare a bread like this and donate it, it is a ritual gesture that emphasizes a sentimental relationship and respect between those who create it and those who receive it.

Breads of this type exist for every kind of occasions. The best known are Su Coccoi de Sa Sposa, the bread of the bride and Su Coccoi cun s’ou, the bread with egg, for Easter.

Both of them are very elaborate and they are not simple bread but become a means of communication, greeting and blessing.

It is common use to give Su Coccoi de Sa Sposa as a gift to the newlyweds as a sign of good luck and prosperity and, by tradition, the bride and groom have to eat it during the wedding reception.

Su Coccoi cun s’ou was our today chocolate egg, and the parents used to give it to the kids for Easter Sunday. Today it remains the center of our tables during the family celebration.

For any occasion you realize, Su Pani Pintau it remains a family tradition. The mother or the grandmother prepares the dough, tells anecdotes and stories from his past while the daughters and granddaughters listen and help realizing roses or intertwining strands of dough. The processing refinement makes the job realy long and allows, in this way, the family to devote more time to each other, making this bread sacred.

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