pinuccio sciola
He was the man who made the stones sing. Pinuccio Sciola had discovered the stones as a child, tilling the fields around San Sperate, in Campidano. Then with the first contest, Cagliari, the artistic experiences in Florence, Salzburg, Madrid. Yet the successes in Venice and Kassel. Sound stones were just […]

Pinuccio Sciola – Historical Figures in Sardinia

east beaches tour
Sardinia in all its glory: this is what we offer with the East Beaches Tour! The sea, the sun, the beaches but also the unforgettable scent of the maquis will envelop you throughout the tour. It starts in Cagliari from the central Piazza Matteotti. Then we reach the Poetto beach, in the […]

East Beaches Tour – Tour in Sardinia

west beaches tour
Let yourself be surprised by the colors, the scents and the sounds during the West Beaches Tour. With Sardigna Tour, you will walk along the paths that lead to less known and untouched beaches. You will admire the pink flamingos, lagoons and crystal clear waters of our beaches. A local […]

West Beaches Tour – Splendor in Sardinia

Sardinia is not a large island but a small continent and actually  there are so many Sardinias. Likewise the capital of Sardinia has many faces, beautiful and contrasting each other: Castello, Marina, Stampace, Villanova, beaches and lagoons … Cagliari is able to charm its visitors, situated as it is in […]

Cagliari – Landscapes in Sardinia

Although Sardinia is an island, it doesn’t have a big seafood tradition. What prevails is rather poor but genuine food of the shepherds. However, along the coast, the seafood cuisine of Sardinia had a significant explosion, with genuine local ingredients to prepare original recipes. In fact, next to a poor […]

The fish – Cooking in Sardinia

nostra signora di bonaria
One of the most visited places of Cagliari from tourists and not only, are certainly the basilica and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria, located on a small hill overlooking the district of Villanova.   Erected in 1323 – 1324, the sanctuary is the only surviving part of the […]

Our Lady of Bonaria – Historical Places in Sardinia

Since time immemorial, the orcs are synonymous with bogeys with enormous dimensions.   These creatures, much like the giant, but more bad, as well as having a repulsive appearance, are expressed with a brutal language, interspersed with curses. They are evil beings and anti-social, sometimes deformed. In many sardines legends […]

The Orcs – Magical Creatures in Sardinia

giara di siddi
Do you know the Giara di Siddi? The plateau inside the region of Marmilla?   When you think of Sardinia your mind goes immediately to the idea of the sea: clear, transparent, crystalline but the island defies classification and seems to want to displace people from outside, almost as if to hide, […]

The Giara di Siddi – Landscapes in Sardinia

It is the yellow gold of Sardinia. This is the color of saffron, yellow like gold and why, since ancient times, precious spice and unique. Its color has always been synonymous with wealth, joy, well-being and happiness. Even today in the East it gives saffron to wish long life and […]

The saffron – Cooking in Sardinia

One of the biggest and most impressive giant’s grave of Sardinia is Sa Domu and S’Orcu located on the Giara of Siddi. The name comes from the fact that the popular legend of the area said that it was the home of big orcs and it was said that there several bones […]

Sa Domu e S’Orcu – Historical places in Sardinia